Davide Carbone Live Stream

Hi guys, if you’re interested I am doing a livestream Wednesday (Thursday morning Australia) for Beatport and Plugin Boutique where I am going to write a Drum and Bass track live (remember Beatport is the audience!). Joshua Casper will be there with me for a Q&A. Join us!


I have unbridled admiration for anyone who does something live - and especially with music. In my early days of software demos I always sought to find ways to fudge it for safety’s sake - a sort of digital equivalent of “Here’s one I made earlier…”

I’ll be watching !

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thank you.

I suggest that scaler officials have time to make some 1-minute short videos.
Teach some scaler skills. This can help more people understand scaler.
In addition to the skills, you can also show the use of scaler to analyze the most popular songs
Don’t take too long, just 1-2 minutes.
Studio one often makes such short videos on youtube, and I have learned a lot.


Davide, great demo ! I’m sure Beatport were impressed. I was also impressed that by my calculation you were doing this at 06:00 :face_with_head_bandage:

Also, I saw you were using 2.4.1, so I’m sure all Forum people are looking forward to finding out what’s in that soon.

BTW, I assume you were using the new Neve, but I could only see half the faders, so couldn’t be sure.

Good job @davide ! Sorry I was late, but I was still in my rem sleep phase when you started at 6am Melbourne time (it being 11am Pacific Time here, lol)

I tried to ask in the chat that Beatport could put a link to the Scaler Forum in the video description. Perhaps you can suggest it to Joshua, if you like?

Thank you! Yes I believe it all went well on their Twitch, and yes 6am. Curfew here till 5am otherwise would have been earlier. 2.4.1 out next week and apart from fantastic content Ed and the team have hit the timing issues / double short note issues right on so it is more rock solid than ever. Really feels and plays great and yes indeed the lovely new Neve 8424 is absolutely brilliant. Will be doing a video for Neve and Scaler showing it off more!

All good thanks for joining. Was anyone watching on Twitch? Yes I believe Joshua has now added the link to the forum on the YT channel

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I watched it on youtube.
Looking forward to 2.41

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I watched partly…
and understood nothing, as usual

Subtitles didn’t help, and seemed talking about different things to me YUK

I like listening to Davide talk, his voice sounds soothing, and his demeanor is super relaxed (and contagious :slight_smile:

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