DAWs less eager for RAM?

I suspect they are all eager for RAM, but I would like to have a confirmation, or better the opposite

Ableton Live 9 sucks about 2GB RAM just opened, i.e doing nothing
is it regular?
there are other DAWs that are about as simple to use as Ableton Live but less demanding?


  • opened, no tracks - 40.3 MB RAM used
  • four track MIDI (Scaler) = 701.2 MB RAM used
  • 24 tracks MIDI (mostly BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover) = 1.173 GB

Hi Miki

I tested it just yesterday and I was astonished seeing how much Reaper uses resources sparingly, so I think I’ll buy it

the only problem is moving in Reaper a number of Ableton Live projects I have that is not easy AFAIK
do you know the easiest way?

lukily enough I’m not a pro musician so I am not in a hurry doing it

Hi Claudio,
Reaper is very powerful and not expensive. When I bought it the first time, I believe it took more than three or four years before they changed the version and in the meantime there was a ton of updates for free. Developers’ base is huge and there are improvements very often. Unlikely Ableton Live (limit of 16 tracks), Reaper can use as much tracks as your hard disk can receive :slight_smile:

There is a forum, maybe someone have a good recipe for track migration from Ableton to Reaper.

OK, I found something about moving tracks to and from Reaper.
UserGuide, p. 422: https://dlz.reaper.fm/userguide/ReaperUserGuide615d.pdf

Also, converting .als to .RPP: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=234839

Maybe there is something else on the net.


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I was too much hasty in telling Ableton issues were fixed
it crashes again

well, it’s time to move to reaper

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Reaper is amazing!

I can even open Ableton into it, so that transferring Ableton projects is done super easy
and opened together they use less RAM than Ableton alone!

immediately acquired so thanks a lot for the advice Mike

about Ableton projects I found a lot easier just exporting and importing MIDIs
and when issues jumped out (out-of-tune, plugins lost, etc.) I simply exported and imported WAV files

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I’m glad you like Reaper. Check for themes - there are some looking almost as Abletone. And they are modifiable. Generally, it works very fine with Scaler and when there is an issue, David and the Scaler guys fix it quickly.

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frankly speaking, I love Reaper look, and I hate Ableton one now
so sorry if I will not follow your advice this time

thanks again for the other advice
now I’ll go to their forum to see if I can use Ableton paid plugins after disintalling it

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