DCS Percussive Instrument Beta Testers Wanted!

Hi all, whilst working very hard on a major revision of our beloved Scaler due later this year and a major update to Scaler 2 (Scaler 2.9) due soon, we are nearing completion of a project I have been very keen to create for a while - codename ‘DCS Percussive Instrument’. I have always loved making original drum hits and kits from scratch and have often been asked to make a devoted sound construction kit plugin.

We’d love you to try it out and provide feedback during our final production stage. Always appreciated!

I have added the Scaler EQ Beta Testing group so if you are already a member of that beta team then you will have access to the DCS Beta category on the forum already. Otherwise you can request an invite to the DCS Beta testing group here.
Thank you for your continued support and thanking you all in advance :slight_smile:

Davide and the Scaler team.