deCoda & Scaler?

Greetings! Since deCoda has come up again, and I’ve recently tried again to use it to extract some melodies and chords from some audio recording of a song, I wanted to ask if anybody is using deCoda to feed the detected MIDI notes into Scaler. I haven’t figured out how to do that, or am not even sure if that is possible at all, since deCoda is stand-alone. I can’t even figure out how to make it extract and save MIDI on its own, without me having to draw the notes into the frequency spectrum aligned with the virtual keyboard.

So how are you deCoda users out there using it, and how does it fit into your Scaler workflow?


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I started using it to extract chord progressions from entire songs and it worked quite well but was very fiddly as most of these UI’s are. When something has to engage the ‘how do I speak this language again’ part of my brain when I go to it then I tend to find it gets in the way and put it aside. It’s a clever program utilising some open source code very well. Certainly has some functionality that should also be part of the evolution of scaler. To answer your question succinctly! If I have an entire track that has some more complex chords progressions and modulations it’s good to work out with deCoda.

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I use deCoda to detect first.
Then, I use STUDIO ONE to detect.
This allows for nice chord progressions.
Finally, I use SCALER to write out the chord progressions.

This is my learning process, very happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: