Detect MIDI to play a single chord directly into a specific spot in a pattern

It would be excellent to be able to do detection for any chord spot in a pattern - click “detect” for that chord, play it, and then it gets inserted. Right now if I’m in the middle of developing a pattern and I want to play in a midi chord, i only seem to be able to do a whole new midi detect, which loses all of my current settings, etc. Being able to occasionally play a chord directly into a selected spot would be teriffic!

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

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I like this idea a lot.

In the future updates you’ll be able to run detect as a separate thing from your arrangement and main navigation. It will be more modular, so you could bring up the detection from wherever you are. This should pretty much solve your issue.

Thanks for the feedback.


I would drag it into daw, and loop chosen sections for detection.

Agreed good feedback, to achieve this I just copy detected chords into a NEW pattern and then add new chord there and detect that new pattern.