Detected Chord Names Limitation

I find the names of detected chords not very flexible. Here are some examples (show root name is on):

C7 voicing C, Bb, E (Root, b7, 3) is interpreted as Bb sus2(b5)/C

C13 voicing C, Bb, E, A (Root, b7, 3, 13) is interpreted as Aminb9/C

If I include the unnecessary 5th scale degree, the interpretation is correct.

I don’t need to show other examples because the above is sufficient to show that the interpretation engine is very limited.

For the slash chords, only inversions are correctly shown. A slash chord with a non chord tone or a chromatic bass are not shown correctly e.g. D/C (D triad over C) is shown as C 6(sus2 b5).

Maybe there should be a drop down list to allow the user which interpretation they would like to see. This is particularly the case with rootless left hand jazz voicings.

Hi @Gyprok and welcome,

thank you for the feedback, we are aware of some of the limitations of the current naming scheme.

There is always going to be a limit to how much information we can infer from the notes only but there’s room for improvement as you have noticed. We will try to address some inconsistencies for the 2.2 update.

Going forward, I think the ability to select which name you would like to see as a user would be the best solution but it might take a bit more time to get there.

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