Detected chords longer than the original audio file

Hi, a newbie here. I tried to drag n drop an audio onto Scaler 2, and got the detected chords. Then I selected all and dragged the chords into Reaper. Howerver, the chords are longer than the original audio file. Why they are not the same length? If not the same length, what was omitted and how can I figure it out and use the chords? Thanks!

Appreciate any advice! Wish you all a happy new year!

Hi @babymumu

The audio detection extract the harmonic content and create chords with a default duration. You can use other feature in Scaler to perform/extend/repeat as you please.

You can set the default duration in the Settings Menu, or you can drag chords to the Section C where there are more options to layout your track (duration multiplier, repeat,…).


Thank you Ed! I need to play it around to understand what you mentioned, but really appreciate your help!