Did you know Scaler Community forum plays very well as a web app?

1st of all, thanks product team for creating and maintaining a quality community forum. For the most part, this stuff does not manage itself.

2ndly, I was pleasantly surprised with how well behaved the forum is as a web app . While I understand that this is a function of the web environment you utilize, none the less it is a very nice “feature” of your site.

For those unfamiliar with web apps, if you use a Chromium based browser on Windows (IE or Chrome), you can “install” certain web sites as a web app. While they still rely on an instance of your browser, this option allows them to load and behave a little more like a regular application than loading a full instance of your browser and then loading the forum page. While this feature has been around for a while, and not earthshaking by any means, for those that check in with the site on a regular basis, it might prove a coinvent option.

If you want to install this site as a web app (and easily uninstall) just look for the install as app icon in the right side of your toolbar. You can also look in your toolbar menu for something related to “installing as an app”

Microsoft Edge

Google Chorme:

Sorry, not a Mac user, but I suspect there is a similar option.

Thanks again team.


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Thanks for sharing the trick @TMacD, another thing you can do is download the “Discourse Hub” app on your phone and add the forum as one of your community:

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Never seen it before, and never imagined it existed :astonished:

in my system the icon is different

but I’ll check it to see if I can use it, thanks

Yes it works

But the only advantage I see is -10 MB RAM wasted compared to just Chrome :thinking:

Can I know what is supposed to help this feature?

(and easily uninstall)

Not so easy
If I ask my system it brings me here

where I see 1 only instance of Chrome as it was installed today, that is not true (I installed it years ago)

Now, if I uninstall that Chrome I’ll have to reinstall the browser
:japanese_goblin: :crazy_face: :rofl:

Hang tight…no reason to reinstall any applications.
I’m mainly an Edge user but I’ve installed and uninstalled this in both Chrome and Edge with no issues. You are not really installing anything…it is just a set of flags associated with a website. Since both browsers are based on the same core code (Chromium) the “uninstall” process is similar but might have some nuances. Don’t reinstall your browser…give me a few minutes

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Ok…just went through the install and uninstall process on each browser. Edge has a menu option to manage web apps and chrome seems to rely on the installed app. You should be able to find the uninstall option for Chrome in the app itself.

If I remember correctly, I could also uninstall using the start menu item and selecting Uninstall. It is a silent process (no messages) and takes a few seconds (assume cleaning up caches and such) but it worked just fine.

Since I use both browsers all the time and since both use the same technical infrastructure, my scenario might be a little different.

As for the benefits…those are dependent on usage styles. I like light and quick and these days don’t think much about memory or disk. If I can click 1 button instead of 2 or 3, I’m likely to go that way.

Hope this helps

Here is a little (ok, a lot) more info on web apps. (nowadays referred to as Progressive Web Apps) I know nothing about them (or the degree to which the Scaler Forum adheres to their standards, but you can learn more at these links.

Problem fixed thanks
It’s strange anyway that my OS showed Chrome as just installed, just because of that feature

Anyway, I am minimalism-oriented as well, my music claim is 100% fun & 0% hassle, but I use the browser for many reasons, job included, so I don’t mind having the Chrome flagship always on

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OK, got it
they were developed for mobile phones, so they are useless to me
my cell is almost always OFF

They work on mobile phones as well as other form factors? Cool, did not know that.