Discord chatting... useless for me

Hi pals

I am sorry for those invited me there, but I found Discord the most useless website ever

I don’t like chatting, but it’s not only that

In the Bitwig page the OT rulez, and even if I generally love OTs, notably when humorous, OTs coupled with ranting and asking for new features make the site useless to learn something, and like e.g. FB any of your posts sinks into the oblivion one nanosecond after posting :poop:

In the Soundpaint page the situation is a bit better, but ranting and asking for new features rulez, so again a waste of time

Hurrah for the forums, down with the chat

BTW: discord is too much close to “discordia” to be enticing :upside_down_face: :grin: :rofl:

Have to disagree there. I’ve had many problems solved by the Bitwig Discord. You get a heads up on the updates and free presets too. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t like chatting, social included
forums only entice me

I’ve used Discord for help with both Vital and Surge and received useful answer to questions and suggestions from users and developers.