Display "pentatonic" notes for each scale, ...here's why

For every scale that you choose, there should be an option to display Pentatonic notes for that scale.

Why? Because these will help you create a song melody, quickly.


Just curious, how is this different from the pentatonic scales?

I think what I am after is, if I am in E Major for example, these five notes are displayed somewhere on the GUI automatically. i.e. E, F# G#, B, C#
If there is no space on the GUI (I know its crowded) perhaps a button that says, “show pentatonic notes” and a temporary pop-up occurs or something.
For me it would be nice to have in the options: [/] show pentatonic notes for each scale.
And have them appear on the GUI somewhere.

A lot of what I do in Scaler is not just chords progressions but melodies too.
Thats why I bind keys to Chord Notes, which is useful. Pentatonic notes always create strong melodies though.

I do see how that would be useful but the workaround would be open another scaler as reference. So hard to integrate the thousands of requests and suggestions we get. Ones like this I feel slightly over complicate when there is a workaround vs complicating UI

Thanks Davide,
This may be my ignorance of music theory, but if I am in A-Mixolydian, how do I find out its 5 pentatonic notes? There is no A-Mixolydian-Pentatonic?
I’m just curious how I can open two Scalers and have the 5 Pentatonic notes viewable?
(Below I have the A-Mixolydian scale open in one Scaler, and the other Scaler I have A-Major-Pentatonic open, for example.)

It is a theory question but in the case of Mixolydian mode it shares the same five notes as the major pentatonic. That’s not always the case with modes though as the Mixolydian only flattens the 7th and stays away from the major pentatonic notes.

This article may help: