Do you know hexachords orb producer suite

Scaler doesn’t know if it can learn from hexachords orb producer suite
Hexachords orb producer suite can generate ARP, bass and melody by chord
very interesting

@swingmix how is that different from how Scaler does provide arpeggios,

bass lines,

and melodies?

According to different settings, more changes

Possible. But consider the price difference between the two products. I also suspect that Scaler in time will expand its spectrum of features along those lines. So far, history has shown that with every even minor release of Scaler, new progressions are being added.

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Orb Producer Suite is interesting. The Arp is particularly nice. An almost infinite variation generator with lots of flexibility. The arp is close to perfect for my uses. Bass and Melody generators are also quite good. Where Orb Producer stumbles is the lack of scales (9 scales only) and the modulation section of Scaler. It also doesn’t let you “Play Through” it when in motion. You can edit chord notes but the name doesn’t update to reflect that. It feels more focused to EDM but it can be coerced to others without much effort. The big draw besides the Arp is it’s generate Harmony function. That is outstanding - it can generate harmony from a melody line or chords, etc. SO it can work quite well with Scaler. Doing tests now feeding Scaler progressions to Orb and I must say - Wow!
Scaler is still top of the charts though. The features in upcoming 2.4 look perfect for what I am trying to do. For overall music learning and expanding your understanding of Chords and music - Scaler wins hands down.

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i like it,too. arp,melody,bass…very nice