Doesn't write down notes

Hello, for some reason my program does not record notes into the sequencer when I press the record button… nothing happens, you can only record audio, but midi notes are not recorded in the arrangement window, what is the reason for this?
Thank you

Welcome to the community @ruslan DO you have MIDI as the source and are you using Scaler as an instrument? If so you shouldn’t have any problems, If you are still having issues would you mind posting what platform, OS, version number you are using?

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Hello David, my OC Windows 11
first I select the key then the chord progression, then I turn on recording on my DW but in the arrangement window the notes that are played in scaler2 are not recorded on the midi track

Hi @ruslan. It sounds like you are trying to record the notes produced by Scaler 2. The MIDI track in Ableton Live which is hosting the Scaler 2 instrument plugin is meant to receive/record MIDI notes to send to Scaler 2 i.e. to trigger chords. It is not configured to receive the MIDI notes produced by Scaler 2.

One way to get the notes produced by Scaler out of Scaler into your DAW is to drag the box named’ drag’ next to your pattern in section C of Scaler 2 onto your MIDI track in Ableton Live.

Otherwise you could create a new MIDI track in Ableton Live and set its MIDI input to the output of your Scaler 2 track and press record in Ableton Live whilst Scaler is playing. This will record each note as it it played by Scaler 2.


Thank you very much, apparently yes, I did not understand the meaning correctly. Now I will try to translate this and follow your instructions…Thank you very much again