Drag & drop midi clips into scaler

I know scaler is used to export midi into the project but I was wondering if I can easily do the opposite.

Sometimes I’ll just be practicing/sketching/playing and I’ll play something that sounds good, but I don’t know what it is I’ve played. Is there anyway to drag & drop the clip into scaler? I’ve tried recording midi, but that’s really hit and miss. I saw that I can “import midi” but it seems for that I have to export the midi from the daw, and then re import?

Just drag and drop into Scaler. Should be able to drag any clip in you DAW. Be aware (and Scaler will warn you) that you will overwrite your last chords.

so i dont know if this is because ableton, but for whatever reason I can’t drag and drop a midi clip from a track in my project into scaler

If you are trying to drop a midi clip from Ableton, this wont work. They are not in midi format. Right click the clip, and ‘Export MIDI clip’ to the desk top, then just drop this into Scaler.


Always good to mention the DAW when asking questions. Yorkeman is correct - Export MIDI clip from Abelton Live to some convenient location and drag and drop to Scaler.

This was something I didn’t understand at first in Ableton, and the explanation is what Yorkeman has given: they are not midi files yet; he must convert them and then they can be dragged to Scaler.
In this regard, what I did was to create a MIDIS folder in the Ableton User Folder, so that immediately after exporting, the file is available in the Ableton Browser from the MIDIS folder


Thanks ppl. That will have to do. also @yorkeman I tagged this thread under abletonlive. thought that would have stood out.

Anyways, cheers.