Drag-style note-edit mode for chords once entered

I realise the whole point of this app is towards using chord notation/theory - and specification of inversions and voicing by their technical names and this isnt a sequencer app.

But… it would be great if one could just drag notes represented in a piano-roll style display area up or down to correct them, and also just delete notes or add notes.
Clearly no time element is needed ( as in lengths of individual notes ) here. I just want a quick easy way to adjust voicing etc manually - once I’ve entered them - as I primarily work by ear.

This plugin is great for putting ideas and progressions our way - when needing inspiration - but I would also often just like to use this as my convenient chord scratch pad and a way to generate MIDI for arpeggiation - pads etc - and know exactly what notes I want once I hear them.

So having this feature would help me.

Maybe this could be incorporated into a better chord editing mode - ( for just ONE selected chord ) where other aspects could be tweaked too - such as obviously the number of beats or bars the chord is to be played for.