Dragging from patterns yields incorrect chords

I’m sorry, but I am brand new to music production, etc. I do however consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to technology. For some reason, when I drag a chord progression out to Pro Tools, it is completely wrong. What am I missing?
Asset 1-100

i use the “Drag” “button” in the pattern (“C”) section to drag any and all selected patterns into the MIDI track.

Thanks for your post. Ive tried both options and i get the same result.

working ok for me with Cakewalk - drag onto a MIDI track - it’s there as expected.

Welcome to the forum @ckrafcky Hard to see that pic res seems very low, would also be good to see the whole of scaler. Is voice grouping on? Have you turned off the bind key in Scaler after dragging? Would be good to see clearer.

This screenshot is completely blurry. I can’t see anything that’s happening. Can you supply a clear shot?