Drag'n'Drop across Scaler 2 instances (multiple AU / VSTs)

Would it be possible to make two Scaler 2 instances receive drag’n’drop, so that if you have a chord in Scaler 2 instance 1, you can click and drag that chord to Scaler 2 instance 2?

I’m meeting this issue because I messed up something in instance2, and there doesn’t seem to be any undo to get back to the original chord. so I was hoping to be able to just drag one chord from another instance of scaler 2 to that one, replacing the wrong chord that i accidentally added.

Thats something we should refine but you know you can sync all scalers? That’s what I do. Go to your ‘master’ scaler. Go to settings ‘sync’ and voila


Wait what? Some instances of Scaler 2 can be slaves to the master? Wow! Gotta try that out tomorrow! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Sorry about asking for stuff that already exists :slight_smile: