Dumb Question About Performance Modes

I thought I knew this, but either I’ve gone nutters or…. Anyway, like Claudio, I use Scaler 2 with EZ Keys 2 to get access to great piano (and other performance) grooves. I keep thinking there must be great grooves in Scaler - but I can’t find them. Are they there?

To be clear, I see all manner of performance passages - rhythms, melodies, riffs, etc. But for activating chord charts, all the choices I see are under classical headings. There are sets of choices under Blues, Jazz, etc. But they tend to be sort of generic and limited. Is there more that I’m missing?

I’m trying to develop a mid-50s jive tune, a la Louis Jordan. So if someone can tell me if there’s any stride, jive, jump or boogie woogie hidden in Scaler, I’d be much obliged.

Even if not, it’s such an indispensable and inspirational application!

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There is something coming in Scaler 2.9 which I think you might like, due Q2 24. Besides that there is a major iteration Q4 24 which we are hoping will improve the whole Scaler experience for ourselves and our users.


Looking forward to it, Davide! Thanks for your - honestly - masterful work. I overwhelmingly use Scaler 2 to help me with composition. But I haven’t quite cracked the nut yet on using it for arranging and production. I appreciate all you do.


Hope this helps, this guy is awesome!

Scaler doesn’t have grooves AFAIK

Or better: to have grooves you have to work hard in Section C selecting certain combination of rests, times (0.5–1–2), patterns, humanization, etc. for each single chords, that is cumbersome (and boring for a jammer :grin:)
I sometimes tested it producing some cool song, then I stopped using it

Now I search in my post, If I find one of those tests

@jjfagot is very able to do that, and he promised to come back in the forum, but no new so far