Duplicate Pattern in Edit Mode not Showing Playback Parameters Data

I don’t know if it’s because I’m using a 3rd Party host to run Scaler 2. (Tone2)
Everytime I press duplicate pattern with playback performances. The 2nd pattern does not show the data.

O.S Windows 10

This is by design. Controls only show in the first group the pattern is used on since it is a group. That’s where you would make change to the group in that first use of the pattern. If you want to change something in a group that is used latter, change it to an unused group and make the changes in the new group.

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Reason why I asked. Is because of watching the Scaler 2 video. At 20 minute duplicate pattern all the parameters are copied over, without doing anything.

@davide @Ed1

That’s correct. He had 3 chord pads in pattern 6 that had a different performance for each pad. He duplicated pattern 6 and that made pattern 7. He then copied 3 different chords from section A and the pads kept the same performances that he had assigned in the original patter 6. And that is an earlier version of Scaler I believe. There is no suggest button for section C that I can see so that video is older although all he talked about still applies. I think groups came later if that is what concerns you. I’m not sure which version introduced groups.

No, not the Groups that concern me. The Performance, Pattern, Resolution data etc…

I have assigned the chords to the groups, then gave them their own group, so I could edit them.
I didn’t know if this was changed behaviour. Seems a bit more work, just to get the pattern, performance data to show, when the video seems a better workflow, to copy/paste a pattern with all the data.

If I don’t do something correctly, swapping chords will wipe the data from the duplicate pattern. Having the Pattern, Performance data etc showing from the duplicate pattern, visually makes it easier to understand what’s going when editing and swapping chords

Since you haven’t listed you OS, computer or DAW I’m not sure what else to suggest. Did you repeat what David did in the video? He did not paste anything. He drag and dropped onto the existing pads that kept the original assignment. I’m not at my computer so I’ll check again when I get home.

Hmmm I did list my OS. Windows 10
I’m not using a DAW. Using Tone2 in standalone mode.

Yeah! watched the video first. Then copied it from there.
Okay! dragged/dropped, that’s what I meant.

You said it was an earlier version of Scaler 2. I was just checking here if something had changed, and not me using Tone2 in standalone mode.

@davide can you confirm if something has changed, since the video, when duplicating a pattern with Mode, Pattern, data.

It’s been a few years since I posted anything here.

I missed the OS in the first post and the Stand alone. I was reading on my phone an overlooked the info. Sorry about that.
Before groups you had to duplicate the performance data across what could be a lot of different pads. Groups made it much easier to experiment with different versions of a composition quickly.
Did the chords you copied to the duplicate section have any performance data on them? Or were they just set to global.

The dragged chords had no performance data. Just new chords from a Song Set, to test how it would sound, and set to Global.

The chords do play the previous pattern data. It means I have to assign them to the initial Group, then re-assign them to their own Group.

Watching the video, then applying it. Then seeing no data on the dupicate pattern. I wasn’t expecting that behaviour.

I just did a test and indeed it no longer performs like the video. If the dragged chord is set to Global then the data on the replaced chord is changed to global. It looks like you can drag and drop the chord and IT’S performance data but the receiving chord cannot keep it’s original performance data. At least trying to do what David did in that video.