Duration and Note Values

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I’m working through the Scaler Tutorial series and have a general question about duration. I’m relatively new to learning theory including rhythm and note values. I’m wondering how the duration values in section C translate to note values. If I’m tranlating correctly I believe 2 beats would equal a quarter note and 4 beats would be half notes, while 1 beat is an eighth note? I’m also wondering what how the different duration values would translate? This is my first post on this forum and I tried searching, but couldn’t find any previous post addressing this. I appreciate any insight.

Hi @eedubya . Welcome to the forum. One beat in Scaler is equivalent to one quarter note (or one crotchet). So if you set the Chord Duration value in Scaler’s Settings to ‘2 Beats’, each chord would play for two quarter notes, or one half note.

Changes to the Playback Timings panel on the EDIT page are always relative to this setting. ‘X 2’ would mean a chord would play for twice the Chord Duration value, so with a 2 Beat Chord Duration value this would be 4 beats, or one bar.

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Thanks so much for the response! I follow what you’re saying about the note values, but am not 100% clear on playback. If I have it set to one beat at x2 playback it will play two half notes in a bar?

It’s easier to think in terms of quarter notes. So one beat at x2 playback is 2 quarter notes. Yes it is the duration of a half note but it’s playing the beat twice. It’s better if you turn on the metronome in your DAW set to quarter notes and experiment. It will make sense right away.

Thanks so much! I tried this out tonight and if I’m not mistaken 2x duration is a whole note, 1x is a half note and .5 is a quarter note? I tried .5 repeated twice and it played two quarter notes.

What do you have Global beats set to under Preferences?

Looks like it’s set to 2 beats