Dynamic Range for Performances & Arpeggios

I have instances of Scaler 2 set to various orchestral instruments. Each one may have a different dynamic range and when trying out various performances and Arpeggios some notes will play no sound depending on the instrument selected. I know that Voice Grouping can be set to a defined range but does this only apply to chords or will it also cover arpeggios etc., and if so does it recalculate the arpeggio range on the fly to fit the selected range?

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Hey Alan…1st, hope you don’t mind that I retagged your post to support vs. tutorial.

As for voice grouping, I’ve found it adjusts on the fly. I use it all the time when playing “live” capturing Scaler performances as I tweak the various settings. I’ve also used it with octave constrained orchestral instruments. I’m sure there is a better description of those instruments, but I think you know what I mean. Hope that helps a bit.

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No problem @TMacD. Sorry I posted in the wrong place - I got a bit confused with the various categories!

I’m still not able to resolve my problem. The dynamic ranges you can specify seem too restrictive as you can only specify a particular octave, and the orchestral instruments I use obviously have a wider range than that. I don’t hit the same problem with Scaler’s internal instruments as the string ensemble patch, for example, includes a wider range of instruments and therefore covers the whole sonic range.

I managed to cover some of the bases by adjusting the octave of the chord set to fit, but this is not always an option. The only solution I can currently come up with is to record the midi and then split it between various instrument tracks outside Scaler to cover the note range.

Perhaps a future iteration of Scaler would allow free-form input of a note range. Then I would be able to have various Scaler tracks sending to different instruments and could specify a particular instrument’s dynamic range in each instance of Scaler. This, in turn, could be used by the expressions, arpeggios etc. to keep their note generation within the range of the given instrument.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. Every new iteration of Scaler continues to exceed my original expectations and I really enjoy just messing around with it to see what I can come up with.

Thanks again for your help.

Absolutely, customisability is a major drive for us.