Dynamics not working in Cubase 13 pro

Hi.on 11:25 LIVE | Scaler EQ with Davide Carbone demonstrates how the dynamics works. Well I am using scaler EQ with Cubase 13 pro and there is no compressor’s graphics moving when Dynamics is engaged. What am I doing wrong, and how to fix that. Thanks

HI @Katina and welcome to the forum, there are a few reasons why you may not see any compression or expansions from engaging dynamics. Firstly there needs to be audio in that frequency range, and if so, try adjusting your threshold and ratio until you begin to see the compression take effect. If you are still struggling posting a link to a video will help us.


Ok that may be normal behaviour as the DAW has opened the audio input via some type of input monitoring. I’m also thinking that that turning off the high shelf may show the peak filters dynamic movement. Just to clarify, it is working dynamically but may be misrepresented by what you see.

Please try opening a vanilla project. Select a peak filter and play with the threshold and ratio. You should see the movement as per normal. I guess what I am saying is that you your demo is an outlier based on what you’ve done in your setup. Hope that helps.