Easier access to edit a chord

dear scalars - please find a way to DO NOT isolate the chord, i wanna edit. its a “horror” to always have to save and switch back to be able to hear the change in context …

please add a simple key-combination (while holding down maybe alt+E or something else, the selected chord can be edited directly from within the pattern view)

or give us the ability to have the whole pattern in the edit window - not only that isolated single chord. thats a big fat workflowKILLER

please!!! :slight_smile:


Hi @hp3007

You are right, it slows down the workflow having to switch back and forth. It has been mentioned a few times by others as well.

We plan on adding context into the chord edit screen in the 2.1 update.

We don’t have a precise date yet for the next update but the work has already started. :wink:


The support for this product is nothing short of stellar! Brilliant!


I am glad to read each of these comments. I was feeling stifled and mentioned that while live-streaming. For a minute, I forgot I could request that workflow to be changed. And, you guys are already on it. This product, staff and forum are all top notch.

Carry on~