EPIC string programming with Scaler and String Murmurations

Have you seen the new Crow Hill String Murmurations plugin? It is epic for use with Scaler. I made a quick video of using them together… check it out: https://youtu.be/DqLDEJsvmyY


Superb string library! Truly unique.

This is fantastic. Subscribed!

great video! very instructive, learned a thing or two from it, even as a Scaler power user. I like your calm, focused presentation style.

Yes, me too. Awaiting the second one :wink:

This is extremely interesting! I’d like to see what using SM in Keys Lock mode would be like compared to putting it on the grid at a locked tempo. It seems to really want a more legato floating tempo feel… Too bad I missed the intro price!

Hi guys, I have developed the idea a bit further, and you can see it here: https://youtu.be/QPPPXiMlw4M I plan to do further videos in the series as well to work towards something like you hear in the opening of the new one…

Thanks. Things get a little bit complicated using Keys Lock here, firstly because using the mediant substitutions dragged in a bunch of notes that weren’t in the original scale, and also, SM can play back multiple pitches from a given MIDI note. However, the spirit of this exercise is to break away from conventional harmonic strictures without even needing to know what they are, so eventually, I will try to address such things. Check out part 2!