Every chord plays the I chord

Yesterday I built out a bunch of Patterns in E major. Today every chord plays only E major. So, for example, a four-measure Pattern of B7, Amaj7/E, G#min7, and Bmaj/D#, just plays four measures of only E, when I play within Scaler. But if I sync to DAW, the chords are correct during playback. But if I click a chord, any chord, all I get is E.
I’m using Ableton, and have restarted but not luck. I’m stumped.


Turns out it’s only stuck on the I chord under Perform > Phrases. Rhythms, Melody, Sequences, etc. are fine. Is there a known bug regading Phrases?

Hi @Jawsome and welcome to the forum.

Interesting problem as we haven’t come across this issue before.
Can you please check whether your ‘Phrase Mode’ is set to ‘Chord’ or ‘Scale’ as in the screenshot below?

If it is set to ‘Scale’ mode the phrase will only trigger in the Scale you are in for example each chord would be triggering E Maj if you’re composing in E maj regardless of what chord you are triggering.
(Though this would not explain it working with DAW sync but not with button clicks)

If this is not the problem please also ensure you are on the latest version of Scaler 2 to rule that out.

Let us know how you go with that first.

Hey, that fixed it. Which is strange because I don’t recall changing anything at all from the prior session.

The green text (and corresponding green notes on the keyboard) indicates keyswtiches so you most likely hit a keyswitch to activate scale mode.