Exported midi not responding to edit

Hi, not sure if this is the right place for topic, apologies if not.

Problem: I capture a midi performance, and drag it onto a new instrument track for some finer editing of notes, but when I play it back the edits don’t appear to have any effect.

So for example, I remove a note, play it back and the note is still there.

I am using cakewalk, all other tracks muted, even put the edited track on solo, and I still hear notes I have deleted. In the image below, it shows the gap after three beats where I have deleted notes, but the ghost of them seems to be haunting me!

Edit: have discovered that for some reason this only occurs when the track is the highlighted track, ie if I take the highlight off it it plays correctly

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong or missing a step?

Any help appreciated!

The Scaler support is supposed to reply to Scaler issues, and it seems to be a Cakewalk one :grin:

But don’t worry: if somebody knows the answer, you’ll have it

Just a thought …

If you have Scaler loaded in as a VST in which you have created a performance and then pasted it into a Cakewalk track, and are editing it in there, you need to double check that Scaler isn’t triggered to playback when you press start in Cakewalk.

You wouldn’t notice this until (for example) you deleted a note, because the two notes would otherwise play together. If you deleted a note in Cakewalk, you’d still hear it on playback. If you had DAW sync ‘on’ in Scaler, then Scaler would follow Cakewalk and you would get this behaviour.

There are other ways this might happen, but essentially if the notes originated in Scaler, you need to ensure Scaler isn’t playing back with Cakewalk, and sending MIDI to whatever synth the Cakewalk track sends to.

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