Exporting ioS midi files to laptop

Pleas excuse me if this question is dumb or already addressed I can’t find it

I want to

1 go into the iPad folder containing all my midi files ive made on the iPad scaler 2 app to
2 put said midi files onto an external hard drive/usb, to export onto my laptop

How do I do this?
I can’t figure out , to where does the iPad app saver the midi files
Users don’t get to choose

Please help !!!

thank you

Hi @scaler2fan, you can save your midi captures and Scaler States to any folder of your choosing on iPad and then you can transfer in whatever way you like to your desktop.

After you have performed a Midi Capture or exported a State, you are presented with the “manage user content screen”. Press on the share icon and you will then be presented with options on how to share your files. On this screen you select “Save to Files” where you are free to create whatever folders you would like to save them. You can also rename your files via iPad files if you prefer. See screenshots below.

Hope this helps you.