Extract voicing and apply voicing

HI for some reason the extracted voicing does not copy to new chords properly. Try a CMaj9 but in this voicing: C2 C3 G3 B3 D4 E4. Then I click extract voicing. Then I try to apply it to chords in section c but the notes move.

Or try a Dmin9 voiced like this: D2 C3 E3 F3 A3. Try to extract the voicing and apply it…nope.

Hi @xtremsounds

thanks for reporting, we will check what’s wrong and get back to you.

Hi @xtremsounds

we’ve done some tests but could not find anything wrong so far. Could you share a more precise example of what goes wrong? Maybe list the notes you expect to have for a given input or record a video showing the issue.


Sure the exact note pattern is not copied over to other notes. It needs to be not just the notes but the notes played in the correct order. I just tried it now in the chord edit mode and it worked but I do not think it worked on a previous occasion. Maybe there are certain conditions where it does not worked as expected. I will try various combos to see

Ok I found one. I loaded up a custom file based on a major scale and changed the voicing to voicing 3. I had a complex chord Fmaj7sus2 and I extracted that voicing and then tried to apply it to a BbMaj/F that was pulled from the section c voicing 3 panel. the results is here. But it doesnt happen every time. IT just happened really quick and I couldnt repeat it.

I got some odd buggy results here too:
I notice that when a triad is used for extraction - say C major on on middle C - often when the original chord is an extended chord, sys, 7 etc- that the 4th note is played very high up and outside of the octave in which the original triad was played in for extraction,.

Thanks @nonchai we will have a look a this as well. I think we are reapplying the missing degrees in the source chord on top of the modified voicing, but there might be a calculation error in the octave.

Hi I tried extracting a Cmin11 and applying to other notes in the c min scale and it doesnt see mto come out right. Try applying it to a G and you get something that does not have teh same flavor. I think it should change the Gmin into a Gmin11(b9) but it does not. Is voicing not the same as note type? Am i missing something?