EZKeys 2 + Scaler 2: a µ-tutorial

Let me see if this micro-tutorial with ONE image only and ZERO video may work :grin:

Find a series of chords in Scaler 2 using what you want (I used Suggest)
D&D them directly in EZKeys Bandmate area (some chords aren’t exactly the same, but they work anyway)
D&D all chords recognized by EZKeys in the chord area below
Now audit Genres, Playstyles, etc. up to find suitable library and apply it
Repeat the same trick with EZBass and EZDrummer if liked

EZKeys 2 + Scaler 2 = :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:


Thanks! Will use this a lot! Toontrack instruments and Amplesound guitars are my main instruments with Scaler for fast D&D testing new ideas.

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Hi Stefan

It’s the same for me, with the only difference I use UJAM and AAS guitars