Favourites storage area

It would be very interesting for me (at least) to be able to store (in some area easily retrievable) some Perform items that you have liked in a song.
Many times I want to remember that Perform item I’ve used in a certain song to use it again, but I can´t, so I have to search it again.
If we have a favorite button in the Perform Group it would be easier to find them again.
Don’t you think!?

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I certainly second the inclusion of feature. It has been floated before before, and there were indications that something may well come in a future release.

I suggested something on the lines of the Spectrasonics Omnisphere extended browser ; I know @davide and co use this product.

That would be ideal but as a start I would even settle for a star to select next to the name. I’m sure something is planned.

I agree that a single-star device would be helpful.

It would be nice, or perhaps a user rating system. However, It also might create a lot of clutter and complexity in Scaler. I’ve not had to do this as yet with Scaler, but with my DAW I’m able to import tracks from one project into another. In this way I could use the same Scaler set-up in different projects.

I like the concept of favorite or ratings in general.

Yes, it’s nice to be able to recall tasty settings, which you’ve so carefully created in the past. Fortunately, this is already provided for in Scaler. Ideally you need to do it when you’re still in that first song, although your DAW will have preserved the settings if you need to revisit that song. Once there, In Scaler, go to the settings cog wheel, then its right hand column = Session. Then click EXPORT. Scaler will export all the settings in that song as a ‘Scaler State’. You have to choose a destination e.g. Desktop or, better still, something like ‘Favourite Scaler states’, and name it something memorable, probably the name of the song. Then, when working on a later song, just go to IMPORT and choose the Scaler State you’d previously exported.

Hi Drewski8, thanks for this tip.
I didn’t know that was possible.
And it will be useful.
But I think the favorites button or something similar is still worthy to able us know quickly what are the performance elements that we’ve already used and liked.

Agreed all of this needs to be addressed and the categorisation is out of control. A byproduct of incessant creation on our behalf! I think we need a great solution that is part of a UX overhaul. All coming in the future.


Hi David, good to hear you are thinking about it.