Feature Request: Ability to click forward through a progression one foot click/cord at a time

After a chord progression has been set up, an external midi device like a foot controller w/buttons can click forward through a progression one click/cord at a time, and also configure a different button to step back in like one cord at a time in the progression.

This feature is not found in other chord sequencer apps, except two old ones. I play bass in a 3 piece band that does not have any keyboards, just a guitar/singer and drummer. With Navichord and Dream Foot one can setup a chord progression for songs in a set list, chose the keyboard sounds to play for each song then play keyboard chords with the foot. This is also a fantastic feature because it allows the band to be spontaneous and stretch out songs, play faster/slower, pause, hold, stop or whatever. Having to follow a metered sequence where things can run off the rails, the band looses some authenticity and also that live feel.

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Welcome to the forums @Bongo5Bass You can assign to move previous item next item which is by default assigned to the left and right arrow keys. You can also keyswitch and assign midi to jump to patterns. That covers a few things you are after. Thanks for the suggestions.

That’s good news, thx! I’ve been going through the Scaler 2 YouTube videos and the manual, but not sure where to find this particular configuration or topic. Also, do I need to upgrade to use this function.

Make sure you have the latest version which is 2.6 from your account at Plugin Boutique, the manual covers everything and this video covers some too. There is a new video going up soon which covers midi mapping in Ableton

Wow, awesome, thanks so much Davide! Yea, I’m on an iPad using AUM. App Store only has Scaler 2 v1.1. I guess I need to get v2.6 from Plugin Boutique. I’ll look for a Scaler 2 Video on midi maping with AUM. Cheers

Sorry for confusion, 1.1 iPad is 2.6 desktop. Same feature and applies to iPad

I’m only able to cc a pattern 1-7 and bind section A, B and C with a midi foot controller. I’ve not found any reference to CCing the Next for Previous cords within in a pattern or to assign a cc to Play a pattern? Scaler 2 is totally awesome and the best product of its kind. It would be really cool if these features were added sometime soon, thx!