Feature request: Ethnic Scales

Congrats for the 1.7 update. Would like to see some ethnic scales like Gypsy Minor and Major and some Oriental scales. Will be quite a time saver if I could abandon Ableton´s MIDI scale effect for oriental flavor.

The new Latin and Bossa Nova presets are quite tempting to play basslines over them simultaneously. I would like to be able to play passing notes with one hand and trigger chords as usual within Scaler. It would help quite a bit in this regard if we could unlock some notes on locked scales within the A section. Or at least unlock the A section completely if other sections are locked. I did split my MIDI keyboard into two MIDI channels lately to be able to trigger different VST instruments. Hope my feature request makes sense.


Which scales do you guys think would be needed to dissect Timbaland´s songs? Watched his masterclass lately where he speaks about being heavily influenced by African, Jewish and Oriental music.

Yes indeed they are all there in Scaler.
Jewish scale is often referred to the Phrygian Dominant (the 5th mode of the Harmonic Minor scale) and the Ukrainian Dorian Scale. Arabic is often referred to as the Major Locrian or Super Locrian. They are all there in Scaler as well as Hungarian Gypsy, Persian and many others. Just read the descriptions under style in Scaler and all will be revealed! :wink:

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Hi Davide,

I am referring to scales which are missing within Scaler and are used in today´s music charts in many European countries as well as in the Middle and the Far East. I am using Phrygian Dominant, Ukrainian Dorian and Hungarian Gypsy regularly.

You might have a closer look into Ableton´s scale MIDI effect. Especially in alphabetical order at Algerian Scale Without Natural 9, Double Harmonic and Flamenco Scale.

@2KA Will do thank you. But I think you will find we have a few of those. We have two variant Flamenco Scales Phrygian Dominant and the Hungarian Gypsy - which is the same as the Gypsy Minor also referred to as the Double Harmonic. We don’t have the Algerian (Harmonic Minor with a #4th) - nice call. It’s tough to label theory as by nature it is open to interpretation but let me have a look as you suggested and better the cause. Thank you.

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