Feature Request - Rhythms Legato

I make a lot of EDM (but I am sure this technique will apply to other genres too) and I use a common trick where the MIDI pattern is legato. This way I can use the length of the filter in a pluck synth to determine the length of the sound. It sounds like a tight pluck that transitions into a pad, which is good for building up to a drop. The rhythms are great in Scaler for quickly finding something that rhythmically works well in my track.
The note lengths in the rhythm patterns are often very short. This means that the filter envelope length in the synth makes very little difference to the sound.

Would it be possible please to have a legato option for the rhythms? :pray:


HI Jason that is a really good point. We designed them thinking about the internal sounds primarily and also forces staccato. There could be an option for legato rhythms indeed. I’ll test something and discuss with the team. Thank you.