Feature Request - Slower Strumming, Resize Window Option

Better Strumming - currently the strum feature is too fast for Neo Soul, Jazz or R&B. It needs to be slower and more articulate with more options. Check out AutoTheory. Their strummer works great with Guitar, Rhodes and Piano. Sounds realistic and you can adjust the timing.

Better Option to Resize the Screen: I have three monitors … one is 42 inches. I sometimes when I extend the monitor too far I cannot get to the bottom right corner to make it smaller because its lower than the taskbar. So I have to close out of the plugin and re-open it. Real annoying.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi @cyorkgo

Thanks for the feedback,

This is something we plan on improving in upcoming versions. Especially giving users more control over the effect.

This is something we heard before and you are right, it can be quite annoying. We will address this when an update requires a UI change.