Feature suggestion, intervals

Hi guys.

I am using Scaler 2 for teaching myself music theory and I have a suggestion for a feature I haven’t found so far. I wonder if you could make it so that Scaler 2 would identify and show the interval between two notes when you play them. It would be of help for newbies trying to remember musical intervals. Right now I am also using Chordie App, and it does exactly that. That means I have that need kind of fulfilled, but to get that far it meant having to set up internal midi routing in my PC, using loopMIDI, to make it work. Thus I have to rely on two external programs to get that functionality covered. Of Course Chordie App also shows the notes of the chords and intervals in a note sheet fashion, but even as that is nice I find the interval identification feature to be more handy. I like to keep things as simple as possible, so if you could find the time to implement interval detection it would be a relief. I reckon intervals are already part of the data model in Scaler. If so it would just be a matter of displaying it. Apart from that I am really enjoying playing around with Scaler 2, and I think you guys have done a wonderful job.