Field Recording VST

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I’ve got a new itch like we do! Looking at introducing Field Recordings into my mix and have a few options I believe… just wondering if anyone has any experience with these products and what are your thoughts?

While I’m here… some free downloads here if you are looking for sounds :wink:

Cheers for the steer

Yes, I have Bioscape, and everything else Luftrum makes, like a dozen of preset banks for various soft synths. He is an awesome sound designer!

The Bioscape instrument offers 4 way layerings of individual nature sourced field recordings with many different ways to customize the settings. You can also drag in your own recordings or samples and use this Kontakt instrument to play them in interesting ways using its myriads of modifiers and automation options. I like it. Just make sure you have a powerful computer if you plan to run this together with other plugins or in multiple parallel instances.

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Thanks for that Bernd. Can I ask, in Bio all the presets are made from ‘found sound’ like wind and ice. Can you use these samples in their original state or are they ‘hidden’ inside the presets sound design?

I followed @Bernd’s nod towards Luftrum and found a veritable treasure chest of sound sets. If your bag is cinematic, ambient, melodic trance and similar genres there is some very good stuff here

From a technical standpoint, you could just create a new Bioscape preset and then load individual samples without any modifiers or filters active, then the sample should sound just as originally recorded. If you want to use just the raw sample without the Kontakt plugin e.g. for more efficient CPU utilization in your DAW, you could bounce the output from Bioscape into your DAW track. But from a legal/licensing standpoint, I am not sure if you can indiscriminately extract the original samples for other use. I think it is not okay to use the sounds outside of their scope within the Bioscape plugin. Thats why sound designers implement samples in Kontakt in the first place, for better IP control, I think.

The Luftrum patches are indeed excellent, so thanks for that pointer. I’m getting a peek into the source of your audio textures , heh, heh… Absynth, Luftrum :grinning:

Yup, you’re on to something. Now you add to that the U-he sound banks available on the market, and you got my “recipe for success” hahahaha :rofl:

BTW, another great sound designer on my radar (as soon as I have budget to splurge on plugin presets again) is The Unfinished from the UK.

He had a hand in the latest Bond and Dune movie soundtracks. Awesome sounds, from what I’ve heard from the preview/samples so far.

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Thank you thank you thank you :wink: