First Chord in progression won’t play in Logic Pro x

When I create a chord progression in scaler and then play it in Logic Pro the first chord isn’t recorded for some reason. When played back it begins on second chord, any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Can you explain what you are doing exactly?

I select Scaler as my plugin on a track make a chord progression in Scaler and set my two bar count in in logic I then play the progression from scaler onto the armed track. I then select midi capture in scaler to covert it to midi, when I play the track back it misses the first chord, the first chord is silent, it starts from the second chord. It’s just started doing this I’ve followed the tutorial films but can’t fix it.

So you see the chord in the track but it is silent? Check and see if the velocity is set to 0 for some reason.
Either that or the beginning of the chord isn’t being seen. Try moving the whole clip 1 bar from where it is a see if it plays.

Ho do check the velocity? I’ve moved it a bar forward and it doesn’t make any difference

Should be able to see the velocity in the piano roll view. Can you post the midi clip?

Try this:

What happens when you record the progression in Scaler, stop it and then drag and drop it to the track?

I’ve got it working, Hoorah! I had it synced to the daw as soon as I turned it off all was well. Thank you to everyone for your help much appreciated.