First Steps with Scaler 2.6

Not really using any fancy new features, but just the new Punk Rock :metal: chord progressions to make some Tangerine Dream style ambient electronica :rofl: :wink:

Really just tinkered around for 10 minutes and this came out. I haven’t done much online/music in recent months, so Scaler 2.6. provided the inspiration to get back involved again :slight_smile:


Invokes thoughts of the start of ‘No Man’s Land’ on Hyperborea (do you have that CD?)

No, I wasn’t thinking of any particular piece from TD.

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I just think… one of the most famous legends and punk bands is Ramones. Its music does not show up with chords. Mainly Titles I-IV-V in some order. Punk is anything but great chords.

Superb textures in a minimalist setting. Bravo!


My effort with one of the trap progressions, I’ve no idea what trap is but I like this set of chords. Shows that progressions are not genre specific.

Listen to Blazing Moon by Sprocker Rock on #SoundCloud

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