[Fixed] Scale sync not working

It seems like the sync does, indeed, change the selected scale. But, the “Scale White Keys” is not being adjusted accordingly.

Repro steps:

  1. Create two tracks
  2. On each track, add a Scaler
  3. On the first Scaler instance, select a scale other than the default
  4. Sync the scales
  5. Navigate to the other Scaler instance
  6. Set KEYS-LOCK to “Scale White Keys”
  7. Attempt to play MIDI through the target/synced Scaler

Expected results

  • The selected/synced scale is what you hear

Actual results

  • The selected scale is not what you hear. You hear the original scale.

My system

  • Ableton 10
  • Win 10
  • Scaler 2.1