FL Studio - Burn to midi - creating flam notes? Why?

Every time I switch to arp mode in scaler and utilize the burn to midi function in FL Studio (20.7.3 Mac OS) its creating these unintended flam notes along with some notes sustaining throughout. This is extremely frustrating trying to correct manually and killing my creativity. Has anyone seen these issues on Mac OS version of FL Studio?

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Unfortunately I have the same problem in FL Studio (W10), Scaler 2.2 presents stuck notes * in melody mode and bass mode, I did several tests with VST3 and VST2 versions:

VST3: It goes quite bad (in general) for the new modes (at least in my case), it presents an additional detail to the previous one (in terms of stagnations) and that is that the melody progression sound is cut off.

VST2: The SYNC mode with the DAW works fine, although when I add notes on the piano, things go wrong, the stuck notes come back; I also noticed that in TIMING and BOTH mode the structure of the melody mode at the beginning the notes do not get stuck, however after 2 loops the problem arises, on the other hand if I use VELOCITY, QUANTIZE or SWING literally everything is destroyed in the first exchange of chords; in bass mode, TIMING seems to correct the problem.

(Notes stuck)


  • This is not a big problem if the pads are played in sync with the DAW (it doesn’t matter if I add HUMANIZE), it is a temporary alternative to working like this, but I must be very honest, I like to use every possible way to work in Scaler, at least in my case using SYNC mode takes a bit of fun out of it.

Hope this has a solution as Scaler is one of my favorite VSTs :frowning:

Video evidence

Hi @yoyband,

Thanks for reporting. We will have a look and hope to get it fixed in the next patch in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the detailed info and video, it makes it a lot easier for us.