FL Studio "Burn to MIDI" transposes notes in reFX Nexus 4 by 2 semitones for ever

When ever I use Burn to MIDI in FL Studio with reFX Nexus 4 as MIDI in Plugin all the notes in reFX Nexus 4 are transposed by two semitones down. I didn’t find the according setting in Nexus to reset that issue. All notes in Piano roll have no pitch, the channel pitch is zero too, Nexus works at 440Hz base tone, all pitches in Nexus are zero, so i do not find what went wrong. The only thing I found is, when I move the PitchBend-Knob in the Plugin wrapper window of Nexus up or down and then back to zero, the scale is okay until I hit Play in FL Studio.
When I clone the Plugin to create a new instance, the issue is been cloned too.
Using Scaler 2.9.0 VST3 in FL Studio 21 Producer Edition v21.2.3 All Plugins Edition 64Bit

Can You help?