Follow does not work…

After watching Davide’s initial 2.2 video

I wanted to try Follow.
But no matter what I do the melody always retriggers. So there is no difference between selecting “Retrigger” and “Follow”. I suppose there is some obvious thing I have missed…
I use Logic 10.6.1 and MacOS 10.15.7

Sorry if its a silly question but are you hitting the play button within scaler or using it in DAW sync? Finally are you sure you are not getting to the end of the phrase?

Pressing Play in Scaler or using DAW sync works but I assumed or rather hoped that it would work even when playing via a midi keyboard. Obviously that is not the case.
I suppose I have to change that way I use Scaler. However with these limitations it will be less useful for creative improvising. But still very good!