Follower not properly following

Here is the Leader and the follower synced

Scaler-State_follower.xml (34.0 KB)
Scaler-State_leader.xml (37.0 KB)

The result is below

One Follower chord is different from the Leader one, so creating an ugly dissonance

I tried to “build” the chord, writing it down in the Search field, but no way to have it

I hate to tell you this but it’s the same chord. D# and Eb are the same note. I will download your set and look at it.

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Alright I just loaded your set and the problem is obvious. The Chords are the same regardless of note spelling. What is happening is the Performance you have for the Leader is introducing out of scale notes. If you set the leader for arpeggio or something less likely to introduce outside notes you will see that the chords both play the same and are in tune. You’ll need to find another chord that works OR a Performance that doesn’t Color the sound. That what the Color Performances do. Chalk this up to the Leader being a Jazz musician and the follower a New Age aficionado. The Leader is gonna play what he wants! :joy:


The union of those 2 inconsistent patterns is an amazing arpeggio, and ALL the other chords work very well together, so I must find another chord that works
thanks :face_with_spiral_eyes: :upside_down_face: :grin: :smile:

You could just change the performance of that chord in the leader to something other than the Color Performance. Very simple to do. Also I notice you have the Color set to all. But if you don’t have each change set to last through the whole color sequence set you are only getting the first pattern in that sequence each time.

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