From pattern to pattern naturally

Imagine I have two patterns 1 and 2. Now I play 1 then 2, but the transition doesn’t sound natural. How can Scaler help me add some chords to the end of pattern 1, that makes the transition from pattern 1 to pattern 2 more natural?

Use the suggest button.

The suggest button only takes the shown pattern into account. I would like to do modulation as can be done with Modulation/Progression and Modulation/Secondary scale. Aren’t there any workarounds to accomplice this?

music theory :slight_smile: and/or/otherwise try the modulation options.

I use it all the time. I take the suggestions and play them and the before and following chords in the patterns. If it sounds good I use it. There is also modulation which is the most common and usable. That’s all music theory.

Have you seen this video? This may give you some options: