Fuller relation chords in key page request

One of Scaler competitors has very neat chord relations blocks, including sus, 5 and other chords.
Similar is possible with Scaler, but jumping through the hoops. I wish there was similar (fuller) chord relation blocks. This is my request. See attached. This is how the screen looks for C major of competitor. I will be using both programs, unless Scaler adopts similar idea.


I totally get it and that “access all areas’ can be really useful. I have resources I use for that too. For me personally though seeing that doesn’t ever make me want to write music. Scaler always inspires me because I have to go looking and I find something different every time. You can see all chord variations and substitutions easily enough anyways, even related modal options now.
Naturally there is always infinite room for improvement. Thanks for the feedback.

Davide, If I understand you correctly… I completely disagree with this statement. Just yesterday I have posted an opinion feedback on another site about Scaler 2. I will not repost whole thing, but main idea was that I believe majority of the people will use it mainly for two reasons:

  1. Exploring chord movement (inversions, positions, scales, modals etc.)
  2. Using arpeggios, chord binding, trigger etc.

I am mainly for #1 To me, Scaler mostly chord REFERENCE guide / tool. So having more related chords on screen will actually will do quite opposite for me than for you :slight_smile:

P.S. As in another request I wrote, I would like it to have a stand alone version too. The workaround for me is using a NanoHost. I have it (Scaler) opened as a separate program and use it as a reference to explore and hear how chords will sound together and then write the chord progression in arranger software…So it is not bound to any specific software. Yet, you can always save your chord sets and open it as a VST in DAW later…

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There are many ways I access all this info in Scaler 2. Right click a chord and it auto suggests, go to modulation page for all modal possibilities, click on variations. So I do feel that it is important to see all possibilities but like I said - for me personally - I see a chart like that and It takes me out of my creative headspace. In fact, in my entire career of writing with a wide array of major artists I have never seen anyone refer to a ‘chart’. I am not being cantankerous rather trying to offer an understanding of our approach being to empower you as a composer and inspire you to write music without thrusting music theory in your face. The chart is an antithesis of that for me. I definitely agree that now we are much more of a resource we should have easier access, and there certainly is room for that. Could it be a right click show all, or actually even a preset in the modulation page just like the modal one? Actually that could work, ‘Chord Relations’ preset?

As far as standalone absolutely yes, on the roadmap.

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“Right click - Show all” is an excellent idea.
‘Chord Relations’ preset is even better.

The visuals do not scare me at all :slight_smile: At the end of the game, all plugins are tools… But I do wish Scaler becomes THE mother of all chord tools (as long as it affordable) For creative fun and learning. Getting closer to that.


Ok let me discuss with Ed and the team. Sounds like it could work for both you and I!

Looking likely we will add a show all option for v2 release and work our way into something more expansive from there!

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Good news, excellent !
Thank you!