Fun With Multi Voice Out only using Scaler(s)

Did you know you can create all kinds of interesting performances by just driving multiple Scaler instances with Scaler and it’s MVO feature?

The setup is simple using 1 Scaler as the Master midi source and multiple Scalers as the instruments listening to the different MVO channels and playing different combinations.

Here is my setup in Studio One (no Live Synch used)


  • Start with a simple Perform setting on the Scaler Master (no instrument) and and pay attention to the number of notes that are being played. Based on the chord structure and the perform mode, you will get different note counts which impact the # of MVO channels generating midi for the other instruments to play.
  • Start with the same instrument on each of the other Scalers
  • Then solo the other Scalers to hear what notes are being played and select alternate instruments accordingly
  • Add Perform modes to the other instruments starting with simple arps and bass lines progressing into the other modes. Some will rock and some will sound terrible.
  • Remember that your Master performance triggers all the other performances but those other performances follow settings in their respective Scaler instance
  • Play with playback speed and other settings w/in the Scaler Instruments to find interesting combinations.
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