GarageBand compatibility?

HI guys I have the demo of scaler 2 installed on GarageBand for Mac ,my question is can scaler be used to trigger sounds from GB or installed plugins using Scaler control as in Logic Pro??
I notice GB doesn’t have a Midi track like logic
Is there a way to do this from GB
Really looking forward to this awesome Plugin and this feature is amazing
Any help would be much appreciated

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I just fired up GB and plugged in Scaler. As there’s no midi FX I was looking at pasting Midi instead. First up the plugin didn’t see the licence. Second when I tried to play a chord sequence it crashed Garageband!

I’d say it doesn’t look promising. I’m happy to have a go as and when Scaler gets some more fixes, but I’d think you might be out of luck

Garageband not supported.

Oh bugger !!
All the functionality of scaler work fine in the demo ,well in stand alone mode anyway
If I try to drag midi to a track with performance enabled it plays back nonsense not at all what I dragged over
But being able to play the scale lock to white key feature with my own sounds is like a dream come true
was hoping there was a way without upgrading to Logic Pro

The demo works fine!
just not the triggering of vst is seems