Getting Scaler good at soloes, also

Hi there

it’s clear to me thatScaler is particularly good at accompaniments

but the “green keys” (those that appear clicking on Keys-Lock > Chord Notes), i.e the capability to play soloes/melodies that are always in-tune, is an underrated feature to me, that can be possibly improved a lot giving the option to “mute” the phrase/expression etc

I say that because I found that too often, on my 49 keys keyboards at least, notes from phrase/expression etc. overlap the “green keys” up the point they cannot be used to compose in-tune soloes and melodies

I tried duplicating Scaler in another track, hoping to have the chance to compose soloes and melodies with the same serie of chords of my accompaniment, but it doesn’t work as phrase/expression canot be muted and go to the recording

I don’t know if I explained it correctly…

There are a few ways around this. You could have a dummy track with the chords and no expression and mute those chords, move the bound area, play melodies. As I said, quite a few ways. If you supply a quick video of what you are trying to do I could suggest something.

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You could have a dummy track with the chords and no expression and mute those chords, move the bound area, play melodies

Hi Davide and thanks for information

a dummy track with the chords and no expression: OK I think I tried that

and mute those chords: How?

move the bound area, play melodies: OK I think I tried that but the 2nd step seems important :thinking:

I’m new to Scaler, but, I think he’s talking about: Settings > Keys Lock > Mute Chords.

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thanks for information
as far as I can I’ll try that
together with finding a way (if possible) to play funky with Scaler: somebody says it’s impossible, while Davide and others say it is viable

Try the Chords Mute and see how that works. But, to go off topic.

Any kind of syncopated funky rhythms not present in the Scaler presets could be easily done with one finger performance of the chords recorded to midi or audio. Also, think about using the Scaler chords feeding an instrument that has a built-in arpeggiagtor. I’m getting some very interesting results with that. In fact, knowing that I could do that with Scaler was one of the key reasons I got it.

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where can I listen them?

I’ll try that also… or maybe I tried it already as I use it often with AAS Strum-GS that has a sort-of arpeggiator inside