Getting scaler to detect chords in recorded guitar

is it possible to do this on scaler 2?

Scaler detects chords from clearly recorded audio so give it a try. Should work. Drag and drop the audio onto and open Scaler.

it wouldnt let me drop the audio clip i recorded. i had to save it onto my desktop and upload it into scaler.

What type of Audio? Wav file? You can play the audio on the same track and it can hear that as well. What DAW?

im using FL Studio 20 and it looks like it turns the recordings into wav files

Have you watched this video?
Audio and MIDI detection

ok that was pretty cool it showed me a lot of ways to use the detection on Scaler but i cant get it to work on FL Studio. Ive tried putting scaler and the wav file i recorded onto the same track on the mixing board, pressed record, but it doesnt pick up the audio.

I am also an FL Studio 20 User, and just gave it a try. I dragged a sound file from my Windows Explorer into a Sample track in FL. From there I could drag the wave visualization (upon opening the Sampler) on top of Scaler (in Audio Detect mode), and it recognized the chords fairly correctly. But I have not managed to use Edison (the other way to record sound in FL Studio) for that. Edison does not seem to support drag&drop of audio data like the Sampler does. Maybe that distinction is what causes you trouble?

Im just recording my guitar as an “Audio Clip”. I’ve actually never used edison and have no idea what it is for yet lol

Ive seen people just play the audio clip on youtube and scaler picks it up but i cant seem to figure out how to do that. Putting them on the same track on the mixing board didnt work. when i press record on scaler so it will detect the audio clip it always tells me “waiting for input”.

I’ve learned so much in the past week on this forum than I have over the 6 month period that I’ve had scaler. Thank you so much my friend! Do you have a SoundCloud or anything I can listen to that you’ve made using scaler?

Glad this forum has been helpful for you! I think a lot of us feel this way, and we’re glad that @davide and @Ed1 make this possible, both by providing the technical platform, and also for being rather flexible about the spectrum of conversations we’re having here :slight_smile:

As for my Soundcloud, not everything on there is based on Scaler, but a lot of it has been influenced or supported by chord progressions, expressions, scales originating in Scaler.