Good music production software, will produce hardware

I found that a lot of good music software will produce hardware.
For example, studio one has atom sq

The key selling point of atom sq is to make the performance harmonious, that is, the inner chord. I’ve looked at the operation, but it’s actually more troublesome than scale.
So, I wonder if scaler can have its own hardware in the future.
It can give better play to scale’s assistance in music production and live performance.
This hardware can connect computer, iPad and iPhone
Because I know that scaler will definitely come out with a simplified version of IOS, which is very cheap but more convenient. Professional people will be transferred to the computer.
Or more boldly, let the IOS program directly become the controller of computer scale?
However, if you want the hardware to be easy to play, you need more commonly used chord rhythms, and you can quickly call them up.
If this is only the case now, you will directly use the MIDI keyboard to control
So, if you have the idea of making a hardware controller to facilitate the performance, you should do it now.

  1. Improve the basic rhythm of more types of music (with music classification, bass, rhythm, intro, verse, chorus, etc)
  2. Make it easier to switch menus
    If the scale comes out of hardware, then with various chords updated by software, there are also commonly used rhythm types
    It must have been a great sensation.
    I decided that the hardware can support the software, software is always pirated, but the hardware will not.
    Scaler already has the core technology, which other manufacturers do not have!