Great...another GAS Trigger: Harmony Bloom - Aleatoric Sequencer Plugin

Mario Nieto World – Software for music creation

Looks like it would fit well in a chain after Scaler. Kinda ironic that he is demonstrating his plugin in context with UVI Falcon and Arturia Pigments, which both have their own complex sequencers :wink:

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I was one of the GASsified :grin:

But I stopped using it and can give it away as a gift, if interested :wink:

I don’t like any kind of tool with dices inside :rofl:

Your loss, my gain :wink: That’s why they call me ALEAmanic…
NOT Ale-A-Manic :rofl:

You really have Harmony Bloom and are willing to give it away? I am interested!

I asked them if it is possible
I’ll let you know

Grazie Claudio ~ Aleamanic 2024 (

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But pay attention: those rotating wheels get you easily hypnotized
risking to produce never-ending textures :rofl:

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@ClaudioPorcellana here is another GAS trigger for you … :wink:

SoundBetter – Butterfly – Guitar Processing (

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Thanks, but I will not fall in this trap because I have plenty of guitar effects, he he he